Campus and Location

07:25 PM

Sunday 21 April 2024

Our Facilities

DNS is a modern campus that consists of a collection of safe and idyllic buildings and playgrounds. We offer services and facilities that are tailored to help children and parents feel safe and secure.
Our goal is to embrace a very friendly atmosphere which we hope will make students feel comfortable, confident, and positive about making new friends, meeting their teachers, and starting a new phase of education.
Our facilities include:
• Swimming Pools
• Art Rooms
• Libraries
• Computer Laboratories
• Science Laboratories
• Multi-Purpose Halls
• Outdoors Playgrounds
• Medical Care
• Transportation
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Our Location

We are conveniently located in a strategic location that is carefully selected to serve interested students in Dubai and Sharjah, with excellent transport links and a comprehensive list of bus routes.
DNS offers perfect surroundings for perfect learning.

About DNS

DNS blends the American style of education and Middle Eastern history with the Emirati Islamic values to create a welcoming environment where children are encouraged to develop outstanding skills and comprehensive progress through utilizing the most advanced technological platforms, as well as curricular and extra-curricular activities.