Extracurricular Activities

07:01 PM

Saturday 17 February 2024


DNS offers its learners a wide range of well-rounded and extracurricular programs for students from grade 1 to 12 since these programs are known for their abilities to enhance the learners’ school and life and broaden their Life experiences and opportunities. These activities are practiced outside the classroom, giving students the opportunity to collaborate with their peers as this collaboration would lead to advantageous impacts on long-life learning, physical and mental health, as well as personal development and growth.

Our school offers many extracurricular programs as these activities include: the Students Council, Public Speaking, Model United Nations (MUN), Cooking, Qura’an Club, Red Crescent Committee, Painting, Robotics, Coding, Short Story Writing, Poem Recitation, The Spelling Bee Marathon, The Math Marathon, The Bi Day, The Business Day, The Annual Science Fair, DUPHAT, Breast Cancer Campaign, Diabetes Day 30X30 Challenge, Educational Trips and more.

About DNS

DNS blends the American style of education and Middle Eastern history with the Emirati Islamic values to create a welcoming environment where children are encouraged to develop outstanding skills and comprehensive progress through utilizing the most advanced technological platforms, as well as curricular and extra-curricular activities.