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Saturday 17 February 2024 (5)

The adopted American Curriculum is divided into four different phases: Phase one is the Kindergarten, phase two is the primary level that includes grades 1 to 5, phase three is the elementary level; grades 6-8, and phase four is the high school; grades 9-12. The core subjects in each phase are the English language, Mathematics, and Science. Students are exposed to the national Arabic, Islamic Studies and Moral Education curriculum. In addition to Social Studies, Business, Arts, physical education, and ICT.

A wide range of academically challenging elective courses are offered to the high school students to help them develop a “growth mindset” and prepare them for their higher education. All of the elective courses are selected carefully to meet the requirements of the KHDA and the Ministry of Education.

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About DNS

DNS blends the American style of education and Middle Eastern history with the Emirati Islamic values to create a welcoming environment where children are encouraged to develop outstanding skills and comprehensive progress through utilizing the most advanced technological platforms, as well as curricular and extra-curricular activities.