Curriculum Overview

04:09 AM

Friday 29 April 2022


Dubai National School has adopted an internationally recognized American curriculum that is sensitive and respectful of the Emeriti culture and local traditions. Our Curriculum tackles the 21st-century skills and competencies to help learners develop confidence, resilience, enthusiasm, and curiosity for learning. DNS aims to create a student-centered environment that focuses on each students’ uniqueness and individual capabilities through communication, physical development, and a can-do attitude. Throughout different phases, students are expected to take a more active role in their own learning through utilizing various platforms to deepen their understanding. Extra-curricular activities are designed to inspire students to make appropriate personal, social, and moral choices within a globally recognized value system. These activities foster their readiness to become loyal UAE citizens.

About DNS

DNS blends the American style of education and Middle Eastern history with the Emirati Islamic values to create a welcoming environment where children are encouraged to develop outstanding skills and comprehensive progress through utilizing the most advanced technological platforms, as well as curricular and extra-curricular activities.